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We are the leading supplier of pressure relief valves. The pressure is relieved by allowing the pressurised fluid to flow from an auxiliary passage out of the system. The relief valve is designed or set to open at a predetermined set pressure to protect pressure vessels and other equipment from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits.

Pressure Relief Valves

We are the best Supplier of all kinds of safety Products. Ruptured Disc A rupture disc or bursting disc is a non-reclosing pressure relief device that protects a pressure vessel, equipment or system from over pressurization or potentially damaging vacuum conditions. A rupture disc is a type of sacrificial part because it has a one-time-use membrane that fails at a predetermined differential pressure, either positive or vacuum

Ruptured Disc

Vent-All washers by Fabco Fastening Systems are designed to collapse under the force of an explosion, releasing the metal panel from the structure and allowing the shock waves to escape and dissipate.


Vent-All fasteners have been used successfully in construction for over forty years Reports show that in those installations where explosions have occurred, the resultant shock waves were

Explosion vent panels

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