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PFS Co., supply a full range of high quality, market leading valves. The valves we supply are delivered to our clients across the world for application in Gas Pipelines, Offshore and Onshore Installations, Gas Carriers, Chemical Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Thermoelectric Power Plants, Shipyards and Steel Plants as per International Standard and also customer requirements.


As well as being a leading supplier of gate, globe and check valves, a large proportion of our business consists of supplying high pressure ball and butterfly valves. We also supply our clients with extreme performance double block and bleed valves, DIN valves, cryogenics and PTFE lined valves as well as pressure sealed bonnets for a range of pressure classes.


In addition to supplying the valves that best suit to our clients need, our supplier/manufactures also fit them with pneumatic or electric actuators, constructing the complete unit for our client ‘in house’, together with its control systems.


PFS Co., Full Valves Range As Under:-

· Floating Ball Valve

· Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

· Cast Gate, Globe & Check Valve

· Forged Gate, Globe & Check Valve

· Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

· Cryogenic Valve

· High Pressure Valve

· Choke Valve


· Double Block and Bleed

Floating ball valves are one of our standard stock items and one of our traditional ranges which we supply to a wide range of clients.



end and top entry, 2 and 3 piece



1/2” to 10”



150, 300, 800, 900, 1500


SE, SW, BW and flanged



A105/WCB, LF2/LCC, CF8M, 316 and 304



metal to metal, PEEK, R-PTFE


Design codes:

API 6D, BS 5351; fire safe to BS6755 pt 2 and API 607 rev 4

Floating Ball Valves

Trunnion mounted ball Valves have been our suppliers strengths for many years and they have completed numerous 7 figure contracts for this product range. They are especially proud of their supply of metal to metal seated valves and their in house ability to design and fit actuators either of our own choice or those nominated by the client.



end and top entry



3 inch to 36 inch



150 to Api 5000



flanged, BW and hub



A105/WCB, LF2/LCC, CF8M, 316 and 304



metal to metal, PEEK, R-PTFE


Design codes:

API 6D, BS 5351; fire safe to BS6755 pt 2 and API 607rev 4


Body Designs:

End Entry, Top Entry, Split Body and 3-Piece Body.


Design Specifications:

API6D, BS5351, ISO5211, NACE Mr.01.75, Anti-Static and Fire safe to BS6755 pt. 2 and API607 rev. 4.


Size Range:

2" (DN50) to 30" (DN750)


Pressure Ratings:

150lb to 2500lb


End Connections:

Flanged (All Configurations) and Butt Weld


Body Materials:

Carbon Steel ASTM A105N and ASTM A216WCB,ASTM A182F316 and ASTM A351CF8M, Low Temperature Carbon Steel ASTM A350LF2 and ASTM A352LCB Trim Materials: -Stainless Steel ASTM A182F316, Carbon Steel or ENP.


Seat Materials:

PTFE, R-PTFE, ASTM A182F316, Carbon Steel or ENP


Other Materials and Sizes:

Available to Special Order

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

PFS co., supplies a complete range of cast gate, globe and check valves over the world. These are typically in sizes of up to 24 inch and ratings up to 1500. We also specialize in complex packages containing these.



Gate, globe and check



½” to 48”


Pressure range:

up to 2500



WCB, LCC, C5, C12, WC6, CF8M, CF8, CF8C, Duplex, Supper Duplex etc.



stellited, 316, 304, monel, Ali bronze, duplex






bolted, pressure seal and bellows sealed


Cryogenic range:

supplied for cold boxes with extended bonnets and seatinserts



Interlocks, Live loaded packing, By-pass, Inserts in seat or disc, Limit switches, Extended stuffing box, TA-LUFT (low emission), Pneumatic or hydraulic action, Position indicator, Chain wheel operator.

Cast Gate, Globe and Check Valves

PFS co., supplies a complete range of forged gate, globe and check valves in A105, LF2, 316, F51. Pressure classes are class 800 to 2500. Many of these are certified to NACE MR-01-75 latest edition. At any one time we will have thousands of these items either in our suppliers stocks or on forward order.


As with all the items which we supply, each item is fully traceable to BS EN 3.1. Many of these can also be supplied with GOST certification and most with Canadian Registration numbers (CRNs).


Many of these are also TUV certified and can be supplied with TA-LUFT certification


Body designs:

Outside screw and yoke, bolted bonnet/cover, welded bonnet/cover and bellow sealed.


Design specifications:

API600, API 602, API 603, API 606, BS5352, BS1414, BS1873, BS1868.


Size range:

½” (DN15) to 2” (DN50)


Pressure ratings:

150lb to 2500lb


End connections:

Flanged, butt weld, socket weld & screwed (NPT)


Body materials:

ASTM A105,ASTM A182 F316 (L), F304(L), F321, F347, ASTM A182 F5, F9, F11,F12, F22,



Trim materials:

13% Chrome stainless steel, F304 / F316 (L), MONEL, ALLOY

Forged Gate, Globe and Check Valves

Triple offset butterfly valves have developed since the 1980s to become a popular alternative to the use of gates and ball valves in high temperature, high pressure and cryogenic applications.


These valves are highly cost effective, not only at point of purchase, but also during installation. They are also easily maintained after installation. The space and weight saving of these valves compared with ball and gate valves is remarkable. Also, butterfly valves have no cavities, which is a major advantage over ball and gate valves where over pressure in the cavity can present a serious hazard. The caming action of the seat on these valves allows for minimal wear but bubble tight shut off.


Butterfly valves have an inherently low operating torque which results in low cost actuation. Their adjustable stem sealing lends itself to the new era of emission control.


Triple offset butterfly valves

· Replaceable metal and elastomeric seats and seals

· Classes up to 1500lb

· Double, wafer and wafer lugged designs

· Made to fire safety standards API607, BS6755 pt2, API 6FA

· Sizes from 3” to 116”

· Supplied for services up to 950 degrees C

· Tested to be bubble tight over 250,000 cycles

· Customised steam jacketed body and disc design, tested with our own steam test rig

· Valve design suitable for low and high pressure steam applications

· All valves comply with fugitive emission standards approved by the Environmental protection agency

· Electrically, hydraulically and pneumatically actuated

· Self closing designs with hydraulic actuators also available

Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

Cryogenic applications require an extra high quality valve and extreme care as regards cleanliness. Our supplier cast stainless valves have, for example, API 600 thick walled castings. They clean and degrease valves for process and oxygen service in-house and checks include ultra violet light before the products are enclosed in polythene.


The range which we offer covers solid monel valves, forged and cast stainless valves, including ones for insertion into cold boxes, and cryogenic ball valves. Our supplier is the only stockiest in Europe of degreased monel valves.



forged gate, globe and ball valve with extensions 11/2 inch to 1 inch Cast gate and globe valves 2 to 12 inch in CF8m for insertion into cold boxes.



150, 300, 800, 900, 1500



SE, SW, BW and flanged



316, 204(L) CF8 and CF8M



metal to metal, and usually with R-PTFE insert in wedge or disc/plug


Design codes:

API 600 and API 602, BS 1873, API 6D, BS 6755 and API 607

Cryogenic Valves

High pressure valves up to ASME 4500 and API 10,000 In supplying valves in the 1500, 2500, 4500, 5,000 and 10,000 ratings there can be no compromise on quality. We supply many of these valves for high pressure steam and corrosive applications, especially in forged materials such as F91, F22 and F347.


Pressure Seal Bonnet Parallel Slide Gate Valves

Typical applications are steam and high temperature fluid service such as in power stations or steam injection into oil patch.

Sizes: up to 24 inch 2500

Butt welding ends to ANSI B16.25.

Cast and forged construction available.

Pressure seal bonnet

Body: WCB, LCB, WC9, C12A, CF8C, or A105 + Stell.6 LF2 + Stell.6 F22 + Stell.6 F91 + Stell.6 F347 + Stell.6 wedge and seat


Angle & Y-Pattern Globe Valves

Design to ANSI B16.34, pressure seal bonnet, Cast and forged construction available.

Pressure rating up to 4500

Stop check versions available.

Butt welding ends to ANSI B16.25.

Face to face dimensions to ANSI B16.10 short pattern.

Seal welded seat ring construction

Body: -A105, LF2, F22, F91, F347; bonnet: A105 + Stell.6 LF2 + Stell.6 F22 + Stell.6 F91 + Stell.6 F347 + Stell.6


Swing Check Valves

Available to API 6A design, RTJ flanged ends, 3000, 5000 and 10,000 PSI working pressure Design to ANSI B16.34, pressure seal bonnet, Cast and forged construction available

Butt weld ends to ANSI B16.25

Long pattern dimensions available on request

Seal welded seat ring construction

High Pressure Valves

PFS Co., having very good contacts with API monogrammed choke valve manufactures. They supply choke valves (PSL1 – PSL 4) in a range of materials/trims to fit mild to hostile field environments.


Adjustable chokes are available in both needle & seat and control cage trim designs. Multi-stage trims, baffles and exit diffusers are also available.


Orifice Size range: - from 1/2” to 5”


Pressure: - classes up to API 2,00 to 20,000 psi.


Type: -Actuated Chokes, Adjustable Chokes, Positive Chokes.


API SPEC Q1 Standard.


Built to meet or exceed API 6A Specifications.

Choke Valve

Deutsches Institut Normung (DIN) valves are made to German standards. We supply these valves extensively to our clients in markets across Eastern Europe. The valves which we supply are genuine DIN standard valves with the appropriate face to face dimensions (as compared with Ansi dimensions and DIN drilling).


We supply Genuine DIN valves in pressure ranges:

PN16, PN 25, PN 40, PN 63, PN 100, PN 160

With face to face dimensions to F1, F2, F4, F5 F7, F8, F9, F32, F33

Design to DIN 3352, DIN 3840

Face to face to DIN 3202

Rating DIN 2401

Flanges DIN 2501, DIN 2547, DIN 2526 form E, and BW to DIN 3239

Marking EN 19, CE - PED


Gate valves:

50mm to 1400mm; bodies in 1.0619, 1.7365, 1.4552, 1.4581


Globe valves:

15mm to 600mm; bodies in EN-GJL 250 (cast iron), 1.0619 (A), 1.4581 and 1.4552


Check valves:

15mm to 1000mm; bodies in 1.0619, 1.7363, 11.4552 and 1.4581

DIN valves can also be supplied with bellows seal, pressure seal and extended bonnets

Globe valves also supplied in straight, Y-type or 90 degree angle patterns

Check valves can be supplied with tilting disc and pressure seal design

Whole range of DIN valves can also be supplied to GOST standard with the appropriate drilling and face to face dimensions.

DIN Valves

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